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70 Very Useful WordPress Hacks & Tricks

Here is a very useful list of WordPress Hacks or Tricks. These hacks will help you get more out of your wordpress blog, give it a better experience and add more functionality to it. You can totally unleash WordPress power with hacks.

  1. How to: Display adsense to search engines visitors only
  2. How To Display Ads Only To Search Visitors
  3. WordPress Sidebar Turned Apple-Flashy Using jQuery UI
  4. WordPress Tutorial: Adding Tabs to Your Blog Sidebar
  5. Embed Google Ad in First WordPress Post
  6. How to: Automatically provide tinyurls for your WordPress blog posts
  7. How To Add Bio Info To Your WordPress Blog Posts
  8. Create Your Own Popular Posts Page
  9. How to: Add a “Share on facebook” link to your WordPress blog
  10. Styling Individual Posts Using the_ID
  11. How to: List future posts
  12. Very Easy WordPress Theme Hack: Show Category Images
  13. Displaying WordPress categories in a horizontal dropdown menu.
  14. Enhanced Sidebars with Dynamic Content
  15. WordPress Hack / Tutorial: creating a “dynamic sticky”
  16. How to place a login form in the sidebar
  17. Use the More Tag on WordPress
  18. How To: Separate WordPress Comments and Trackbacks
  19. WP Date Image Hack
  20. Giving each WordPress post a thumbnail, and display the thumbnail on the home page
  21. How to: Integrate a pagination in your WordPress theme
  22. Manipulate images from WordPress post’s content with Regular Expressions
  23. WordPress Recent Posts from specific category
  24. How to highlight author comments in WordPress
  25. Creating Two-Tiered Conditional Navigation in WordPress
  26. 10 awesome .htaccess hacks for WordPress
  27. How to: Show related posts without a plugin
  28. How to: Get the first image from the post and display it
  29. Create Your Own PopURLs Within WordPress
  30. How to: Create an Ajax-based Auto-completing Search Field for your WordPress Theme
  31. Publish The Feed Later
  32. 10 WordPress Hacks to Make your Life Easy
  33. Disable widget areas (sidebars) without touching theme templates
  34. CSS Techniques: Using Sliding Doors with WordPress Navigation
  35. How To Display Feedburner Subscriber Count In Text
  36. WordPress Hacks: Moving a Static HTML Site to WordPress
  37. Advice for Your WordPress Blog: Customize Your 404 Page
  38. DiggProof your WordPress
  39. How to Use WordPress as a Membership Directory
  40. How to: exclude categories from your rss feed
  41. How To: Twitter Bar, Popular Posts, Random Stats
  42. Do-It-Yourself WordPress Hover Menu
  43. A (Smarter) Solution for Displaying WordPress Entries on ANY Part of Your Website
  44. Styling Your WordPress Comments
  45. Cloaking to Stop Scraping
  46. Managing Trackbacks and Pingbacks in Your WordPress Theme
  47. Restore your database
  48. Validating a Website
  49. Backing Up WordPress
  50. 3 WordPress Hacks For SE-Friendly Blog Archives
  51. WordPress accessibility hacks
  52. RSS Footer
  53. Widgetizing Themes
  54. Reset your lost WordPress administrator password
  55. How To: Blocking Your WordPress Categories and Archives From Google
  56. Make Yourself Available to Readers with a Contact Form
  57. Creating user-defined RSS feeds in WordPress
  58. How to: Resize images on the fly
  59. Breadcrumb NavXT
  60. How to: enlight searched text in search results
  61. Protect WordPress Blog against Image Theft /Hotlinking
  62. How to Put Your Best Content Forward
  63. How to: Display a random header image
  64. How To: Adding a Print This Button to Your Theme
  65. How to Display Facebook Statuses on WordPress Blog
  66. Huge Compilation of WordPress Code
  67. Create Mobile Version Of Your Website / Blog With MoFuse
  68. How to: List scheduled posts
  69. How To Add Bio Info To Your WordPress Blog Posts
  70. How To: Move Your WordPress Blog to a New Domain


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